what speakers to use?

looking for main all around speaker but more for movies than music.got some def tech speakers now with a rotel 1095 amp.price range 2k new or used
thanks everyone
I think you would find the Paradigm Studio Reference series a major step up from Def Tech at little difference in cost. And there are many other excellent possibilities that I'm sure others will suggest.

Have fun choosing. Let us know what you decide.

Totem Dreamcatcher 5.1 looks promising:

PSB Stratus Gold i speakers. Floor-standing tower. Know of a great deal on a pair. These speakers are a class B stereophile rcommended speaker. Top-notch quality and performance. You simply cannot go wrong with these!
Give em a listen!!!!
Akio76 - I second the PSB Stratus Gold recommendation for your application. Nope, I'm not a PSB dealer.
For HT if you've got a sub, check out Joseph Audio. These are awesome for HT and great for music. I used to be HT 80% music 20% until I got a pair of these. Now it's almost the other way around.
You should definately have a look at the Triangle Celius. Stereophile Class-A rated for $2000. They are very efficient (92dB) so you don't need a large amplifier to drive them.
Paradigm Reference Studio 100.......
Look at Silverlines Panatellas. These are terrific value and have a sound that is way ahead of the def techs.
Stop "LOOKING AT" speakers and buy the speakers that move you. Trust what YOU hear. May the Force be with you.