What speakers to get?? Help

I recently purchased a turntable (Audio Technica AT-LP120) and am looking for the best speakers for it under $250-college student budget. It has a built in pre-amp. I don't know too much about this stuff so asking all you experts there. I listen to folk, rock, classic rock, metal. mostly classic rock. Thank you!
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You can get a new PR of PSB's for that price. Pretty tough to beat for the money.
Monitor Audio makes good speakers at reasonable prices. I assume you have a decent enough source and amp. Otherwise you may have to go with some self powered mini monitors like AudioEngine, they are available on Audio Advisor I believe. Speakers are definitely a personal choice thing, and you should try to audition some if you can. Just because I or a reviewer likes a speaker it doesn't mean you will so YMMV etc.
If you can save up a little more, the Audioengine A5 is the one to get. It costs about $299 a pair. It has a built in amp that can be connected to a pre-amp directly. It sound really good too.

If you really can't afford it than get the smaller A2 for less than $200 a pair. Both are good speakers. A5 will give you better bass and more dynamic.
I third the Audioengine. From the op description, he only has the TT with preamp.
So NOT having to buy an amp is a reason to go with self powered speakers.
The best? AudioEngine. Either the cheaper one or the better ones..
thanks guys I really appreciate it I'm gonna check that out.
Guys, when he says the Audio Technica AT-LP120 has a built-in preamp, he
only means that it has a built-in *phono stage*. It does not have a line stage
or volume control, though I suppose you could use the powered speakers'
volume control, but that's presuming that the gain coming off the AT's built-
in phono stage has sufficiently high output.

In that case, scrape up the extra $50 and get the AudioEngine A5 for $299. It
even has a master volume control on the front of the speaker that contains all
the electronics.

Otherwise, get a pair of these Pioneer speakers and a used integrated amp (preferably NAD) for around $100. Other decent affordable used integrated amps are available from Onkyo, Denon, Harman Kardon, Kenwood, Yamaha, etc., but the NAD is almost a sure thing.