What speakers to buy for Arcam Solo Movie 5.1

Greetings. I recently decided to get back into the stereo "game", eventually going the 5.1 route. I picked up the Arcam Solo Movie, and now it's time for some speakers! With so many choices out there, and not too many places in Houston, TX, so audition, I thought I would seek some help from audio enthusiasts. Note that I have a pair of Hales Audio Signatures back in IL in storage, and while I'm not sure the Arcam can do them justice, it still makes me lean towards monitors versus full-size/floorstanding. That said, the Duevel Planets really sound interesting to me. I don't have much of a budget compared to many of you ($2,000, which has to potentially cover for a sub), and I won't be using the system for much "critical listening." I just want it to sound bad-ass, and provide enjoyment. Eventually I'd like to give 5.1 a try. Anyway, any insight you can share would be great. Cheers!
b & w series....with sub great
Arcam developed a speaker system to match their Solo units called "Muso". They are two-way reflex bookshelf units that will pair very well with the amp in the Solo. There's also an optional matching subwoofer called "Logo".

I haven't had a chance to hear them yet but they have great specs, are well within your budget and you could add additional Muso speakers in the future for voice-matched surround sound. With Arcam's reputation they probably sound very good matched with the Solo system. -jz