what speakers sound like von schweikert vr6

i just wonder what speakers new and old model sound like or best out von schweikert vr6 .Best regard.
It appears that the Von Schweikert VR6 retails for about $12k so I find your question interesting. Are they not available or are you looking for a much cheaper speaker that sounds similar or "better?"

What is it about this particular speaker that you like? Have you owned a pair previously?
Von Schweikert VR-6.
VS VR6 have not been available for about 12 yrs or so....

I like to known more about the vintage speakers if they good and i truly think that alot of the new speakers on the market now over price but do not have much improvement even with drivers or crosovers,some have new tech about cabinet or the beauty of funiture, but for myself music come first.I just cross some threads say the Wilson Max vs VR6 so interest,so I google it but can not find much about VR6 and also not much in any forum.That why I posted to see anyone by chance experienced.Thanks!
All the Wilsons I ever heard sound much different than VSR. The VSRs are much smoother in the mids/highs with much less fatigue up there, while the Wilsons have a very transparent detailed bass.
Listed on Ebay 2nd time today for $15,000.00 (more than 1998 retail). They are 14-15 years old. I offered $5,000.00 & local pick-up. Following posts on Audio Asylum/Speaker Asylum, $5,000 is high since many of the speakers that make up the VR-6 are long out of production.