What speakers sound as good as Sonus Faber

I would like to know if anyone has compared other speaks against the Sonus Cremona or M's for the price. I really liked the sound of the Cremonas, but would like to know other speakers at that price or lower. I have read about listeners views, but this would help me narrow my choices,thanks.
Reference 3A- i heared them a/b's against SF Extremas a long time ago. not as good as the SF but very good speakers with a similar tonal balance. also a lot less money of course.
That is a very funny question, you know. I have one too, Which car is as beautifull as Honda Civic?
What sounds better is to some extent a personal preference. To my ears Sonus Faber sounds a bit polite and overly refined - I like my speakers more dynamic and in your face eg Lenehan Audio and Rockport.

Disclaimer: I live close to Lenehan Audio, visit them often to check out there gear, and have a lot of it so am for certain biased. Still, if you can locate one to hear, which may be difficult if you are not in Australia, well worth a listen.

You can probably find somewhere to hear Rockport virtually anywhere.