What speakers should I consider around $5000?

I'm ready to move on from my current system: Bryston 4BST, Proceed Pre, Revel Performa F30's and Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC. I'm planning to keep the DAC, and swap the Bryston and Proceed out for a decent integrated SS amp (just don't want to "do" tubes, even though I think they can sound great). I like the relatively deep bass of the Revels, but they can sound very bloated without VERY expensive cabling.

I recently heard the following speakers and enjoyed them, but wanted to get some feedback on these and suggestions for others in about the $5k retail price range. I'm open to a used speaker too. Here's the list: Martin Logan Theos, Von Gaylord VG-8, Salk Veracity HT2-TL, Wilson Audio Duette (yes, I know this is dramatically more expensive, but I liked the sound). Also, wondered about the new Revel F308s.

And another issue to consider is WAF....she's HATED the look of the Revels since I first got them 13 years ago. Something a bit less monolithic would be great.

As a separate but related question, I've previewed a Karan Acoustic KA i180 MkII and thought it was great, but if I go down that route, it'll limit my speaker budget to some degree.

I'm getting confused by all the options, so I thought I'd ask for some advice to get me some clarity.


Your wife will like or at least accept the look of the Usher and you will love the sound :) They are also easy to drive.
Please do yourself and ears a huge favor and check out the new revel performa 3 f208 they are simply awesome, I personally don't think they have any real compatition at their price point and they sound better than most speakers at twice the price, Revel has a real giant killer on their hands .
Matt -

a few thoughts;
if you are going to keep or step up in the Revel speaker line, keep your Bryston power amp and get a Bryston pre-amp.

If you are going to step up to the Wilson speaker line, then, plan on buying Transparent cables/cords for the electronics (the best sonic match).
In that price range, and for speakers you are likely to be able to actually listen to, I would go for the Martin Logan.

However if you are thinking of speakers like the Wilson Duette in that price range look at the Rockport Mira. Many people like myself are not that enamored with the Wilson - it does tend to polarize but I have yet to come across anyone that doesn't like the Rockport. Of course now that I have posted it tons will probably come out of the woodwork. Well worth your time however to give them a listen.