What speakers should I audition w/ a Mcintosh ma2

Just purchased a Mcintosh ma2275. I don't have any Audio stores in my area. What would the experienced audiophiles recommend I listen to, to mate up w/ my new system. My bonus room will house this system (approx 30 feet by 20 feet w/ "A" frame type ceiling.

A friend of mine is a recording engineer and volunteered to do an assessment of the acoustic status and potential of the space re: need for Bass traps etc.
I enjoy acoustic and electric jazz, R&B etc.. not to much into hard rock etc although I cant dismiss the classics ie Hendrix / Beatles .I guess I am a more mature listener
I love a variety of speakers that probably match your sonic and genre profile. I can highly recommend ATC (UK), Neat (UK), ProAc (UK), DeVore(NY) and Verity (Canada). Each has a different sound profile, with the ATC and ProAc being the most precise and the other three a little more relaxed and warm.
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Is there a way to home audition these speakers, if not how do you go about this task? thank you in advance
2nd the recommendation for DeVore and Verity.

As for home auditioning, that is up to the dealer and whatever you can work out. IME, home auditioning of speakers is less likely than home auditioning of electronics.
HI, and thx for all your input thus far.
As far as budget I think I would allocate no more then $3-4,000 used or 7-$8,000 new
Given your budget, I would try ATC 19s or 40s, DeVore Gibbon 3s, or ProAc Response D Twos. Another nice speaker is B & W805Ds.
What do you guys think of WILSON SOPHIAS? would they mix well with my Mcintosh ma2275?
Heard them yesterday w/ 100w per channel... very crisp nice soundstage solid bottom
Your thoughts would be appreciated
Nice speakers; think ATC will run circles around them if you like your music loud.
any info on either the Wilson Puppys or the B&W 802d. How would these pair up w/ a 2275 Mcintosh 75 w per channel
JM Lab/Focal...I use Utopias with MC501 amps.