What speakers of today sound most like old A/D/S ?

I've gone thru many speakers up to 5K & while they imaged better, had more bass, and play louder very few sounded as smooth, musical and listenable as the old A/D/S..problem is these speakers being a decade old, I can't find the models I want, in the condition I want & A/D/S doesn't make large models anymore...

What speakers of today sound most like old A/D/S ? I friend told me to check out Coincident, Silverline, Solilioquy, Dynaudio but are there any models in specific that are worthwhile, also how are vandersteens?
Silverline Sonata uses soft dome mids and may be a worthwhile try, but 6500$ list. The smaller sonantina uses same mid and tweeter soft dome german made units.
Being an a/d/s fan myself, all I can tell you is be patient and good used a/d/s will come. You may want to check Ebay, there's always a/d/s there. Or, if you are like me and hate to ship speakers, you must have a "wantad" or "trader" type publication in your area. Keep watching, they'll be there eventually.

I have L1590's in my office with the biamp modules, love 'em! True, not the most resolving, however very easy to listen to for extended periods.

As to what continues the a/d/s tradition, you may consider Aerial. Michael Kelly was with a/d/s for quite a while. I have his 10t's, and they are different, but quite excellent IMHO.

Good luck!

I saw a pair of old A/D/S for sale about a year ago at the Audible Difference in Palo Alto (CA). I can't remmember the model it, but I do recall it was a 3-way with a dome midrange and tweeter. You might want to give them a call. Who knows, it might still be there.
Where are you located? I see used ADS 1290, 1590 for sale often in the Boston area. The place to look is the "Want Advertiser".
Don't buy old technology. Audition Aerial 7s or Silverline Sonatina. The Aerials are most like the ADS. Both have natural sound good for all types of music. Silverlines are warmer. Aerial 8s have side firing woofer for larger space, like Coincident Super Eclipse (sposed 2b good, nvr heard it)
AGreed that the old A/D/S have a lot going for them. I had L1290s and also M15s and Cm-7s. I talked with Mike Kelly one time about them, when we was doing a demo of his Aerial stuff at a local high-end place. He was still excited about the a/d/s/, he preferred the L-series, as they were the ones he worked on. I tend to agree with him. I have Aerial 5s, which are a lot like A/d/s/, IMHO, as are the larger aerial models. Start with Aerial, give that a listen, and keep an eye out. I sold my M15s a year or so ago, and the CM-7s more recently, both were in mint shape, so they are still out there and change hands occasionally. I know a guy that has some of the M30s for sale, a later model, but their top of the line at the time.