What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?

Or maybe wished you wouldn't have sold? 


Others I would consider buying again Tekton DI

I sold my DIs some years ago and miss them.  Why did you get rid of them?  I'm hesitant about "upgrading" to Moabs or Encores since I'm not sure I would prefer the sound  

Joseph Audio Pulsars. I sold them when I convinced myself it was time to try something "different" in my system and got some Kef Reference 1's. I knew the Pulsars were great when I sold them, but after living without them in my system for about 2 years, I realized just how amazing they are and repurchased them and sold the Kefs. Won't happen again!!! 

I went from Altec 604Cs to a pair of Wharfedale floorstanding speakers, can’t remember the model but they were huge.

I never sold the 604Cs, I sold the Wharfedales and went back to the Altecs.