What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?

Or maybe wished you wouldn't have sold? 


Vandersteen 1ci. Upgraded to the 2 thinking if I liked the 1 the 2 would have to be better. It wasn't the case for my ears and spaces in my house. Later came by a gentleman who was letting a mint pair go cheap, so I bought them again. Now they serve as my non-critical listening downstairs system. 

I had a pair of PBN Montana SP2 II loudspeakers. I sold them to a buddy. When I started missing them I bought another pair. Later sold that pair. Then I bought the original pair back from said buddy. The last time I owned them was around 2006 or so. I still have fond memories of them, they just did most things right and few things wrong.


Vienna Acoustics Schonberg's.  I had a pair in black about 15 years ago that I sold.  I missed out on a pair about 4 years ago but then 3 years ago I was able to find a minty set in silver with the Subson subwoofer.  I jumped on those and I'm glad I did.

I owned the Reference 3A MM DeCapo(i) twice. Owned, sold, repurchased a different pair a couple of years later. Have since moved on to different speakers, but I still think the DeCapo is a really good small-ish 2-way standmount.

Spendor SP 100

TDL Monitor

Celestion sl6si

Owned all of them twice; still own the Celestions.