What speakers go best with a Mcintosh MC240

I am running a McIntosh MC-240 with an MX-110 Preamp/Tuner. Both are in excellent shape and have been retubed about 75 hours (of use) ago. (Amp also has new caps). I have a pair of B&W Matrix 805's but the amp doesn't seem to have enough power to drive them properly/loudly/clearly and they have been moved over to my home theatre. Currently, I am running a pair of Klipsch Fortes with the amp but the sound is just so-so. I have read some forums where a SS amp is used for the low end and the tube for the hights but don't really follow the point. Any suggestions would be helpful.
try spendor 2/3 or 3/1
Definately look into JM Lab. They are wonderfully articulate speakers which works great with McIntoshes and they are sensitive to boot. My Electra 926s use 1/4 of the power my Paradigm Reference 100.2s did for the same volume level (I know because of the power meters on my McIntosh amp). The Electra's soundstage is significantly better than the 100.2s too. JM Lab has a model for all budgets.

SS amps are used for the low frequencies because they typically have a higher damping factor (lower output impedance) to better control the large bass drivers. Tubes are more apt at being natural in the mids and highs than SS. The reasoning is that you use each one's strengths to cover the whole frequency spectrum: SS for low and tubes for mid and high.

Good luck! Arthur
Before make any drastic changes, I'm very sure the MC240 is cable of driving B&W 805s with ease. There could be issue with your preamp too.
What caps were replaced on the amp?
Hi. Trying to bring this back. I just purchased this classic combination Mcintosh gear. Incredible shape from the original owner. Just minor repair by a former Mcintosh tech. I grew up in the same town as the company.

I currently have Some vandersteen 2CE's powered by an old Sansui Au 7900. Not sure that the Vandy's will mix well, and yes I have a limited budget.
Any thoughts?
I have a MC240 myself. Definitely try it with 2CEs - might work quite well actually. It's more powerful that the 40W suggests, especially with new power supply capacitors. But if it isn't powerful enough, it will sound soft. Bookshelf/monitor speakers will work very well but if you want floorstanders, Triangle Altea would be a fantastic match, as would most Spendors, Zus and older Silverline speakers. It all depends on the volume you like to listen at. If you like it loud, I'd stick with 6 Ohm and 92dB minimum.
Another thing is be aware that the capacitors in there are 50 years old
and their typical life expectancy is about 30 years.... Make sure your
fuse is no more than 3.15A in case one shorts.

Also be sure the line voltage switch is set to 125V and not 117V. These
days, wall voltage is every bit of 125 and with 430V on the plates, this
setting is critical.