What speakers for Triode 80 /150watts Mono Amps ?

Looking for some ideals for some great imaging speakers, that would be magic with some Triode monos Class A push pull, looking at the 80 watts or 150 watts , not decided wich model to get, I see that the 150 watts may offer me more choices. Amps need 89 db minimum. Would Love app 24Hz to 30Kh + passive if possible. Speaker has to go in livingroom. Not to big ,room 14x 26.

Any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks you
Seems to me you're going about it backwards. Fall in love with speakers 1st; then choose an amp. Speakers have FAR-greater influence on overall sound than amps.
Hello Macallan,

I'm driving Eidolon Diamonds with Bat 150se mono amps in a room about the same size as yours with fantastic results. Plenty of volume and imaging that is state of the art. The walls of my room go bye bye when I turn on the system.

Good luck and enjoy the search!