What speakers for Naim Unity Atom

Looking for speakers to use with a the Naim Unity Atom integrated.

I value micro detail and musicality, especially in the midrange. This is used mainly for home theatre. But I still desire good 2 channel sound. The streamer you know .

Price range would be @ $1,000 new or used.

I prefer something easily acquired in the U.S. Without transcontinental shipping ! 

Thank you & be safe .


No brainer, go with a pair of KEF ls50 meta for just a tad more new (they do detail as well as just about anything, within their limits), or even older ls50s that would come in under budget used.

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the elac carinas sound amazing with the atom they have a bit more punch then the ls50s and have the detail you arel ooking for

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Thanks mapman ..If a smaller room I would try your suggestion.

A few things that I forgot above .

I need floor standing speakers that are comfortable @ 1 foot from the wall behind them .

The room is @ 16ft. X 20ft. with an 8ft. X 10ft. "L" at the far end from the speaker location .

For a room that size, with your requirement for detail, were it me on that budget, I’d stick with the smaller stand mounted monitors to start, see if enough bass and if not add a sub or subs later.

I would avoid floor standers if room is upper level suspended plywood floors in that isolating floor standers from floor interactions that muddy the bass and obscure detail in midrange can be a challenge.

A sub or two integrated well would fill in the lowest octave if needed. Auralex subdude platforms are affordable and I would recommend using those with any subs or floor standers if possible in rooms with suspended plywood floors. If floors is foundation level concrete ie very rigid..... likely not needed.

I have ls50s in a decent size family room that is open to kitchen and other rooms on the floor and little ls50s do surprisingly well with the bass there off 60 w/ch Bel Canto c5i integrated, not too far off from Uniti Atom in power.

See my system pics. Good luck and cheers!

Ok , now we are cooking...

I have some homework to do !

Just another note ...my Naim only has @ 40 watts . 

Keys a clicking !!!

Well , those keys were not very fruitful for me .

The new speakers need to be placed close to the wall behind them and have

a fairly efficient rating . They will be sitting on porcelain tile on cement slab .

Boss says no sub allowed !

How about if I up the budget to $ 2,000 ?

Thank you and be safe .

Vandersteen 1Ci new in your choice of end cap veneer with stands are $1,400. they are 90 db and the 8” bass driver plays fairly low for HT use. I have run them well with the Atom, see my vintage room photos. 

A pair of ADS floor standers local might also be just the ticket.

Best to you.


tomic60 ,,, How would those Vandersteens do when placed @ 1 foot from the wall behind them ?

Thanks & be safe .

They are made to be place close to a wall. They are the best sounding floor standers I’ve heard at that price. Tomic drives a pair of Vandersteens  with a Naim all in one 

I too would recommend Vandersteen. You might be able to get a nice used pair of 2CE-Sig ll's within your price range.

OP very well. New Vandy dealer in Boca Raton should be able to help w demo. Best to you.


Well ,  I have narrowed it down to the Vandersteen 1ci or the KLH Model 5 .

Quite a diverse pair !

I will post the winner .

Thank you to all for your help .

Be safe .