What speakers for NAD Model 314

Just purchased a NAD 314 (35w) and would like to pair with speakers....My listening choices are jazz, pop, 80's music and some classical....its for a small room and its for my vinyl collection.....suggestions greatly appreciated..thanks
B&W, PSB and Monitor Audio have always been good combinations with NAD equipment I've had. Of the three I felt PSB was the best overall, although I would choose Monitor Audio because I listen to mostly classical.

That's a low-power NAD, so I can't really recommend you try NHTs. NHTs are what I like with NADs, though. My GF has a C320BEE with NHT Model 1As in her bedroom. It's a good combination, and the Model 1A is more sensitive than most NHTs.

I liked PSB Alpha Minis OK with her NAD but highs can get harsh if the source is on the cheaper side. I would say go for PSB if you have a good source.

Another make that might do well with that power output might be Triangle. Again, a clean source would make the highs easier to take.
I still have an older NAD 7240PE receiver at 40 watts/ch and am powering a pair of B&W DM601-S3s in a second smaller system. The sound is fabulous. The power in that little NAD drives those B&Ws very well. For what it's worth.
One of my all time favourites was a NAD 3020 with the B&W 601's. If the 3020 would've had a remote, I'd still have it somewhere.

I recently upgraded my Polk Monitor 7's to Monitor Audio S2's in my vinyl room. I run them from a NAD 304- they sound great on classical and jazz, need some bottom end support on more aggressive music.
My old ("classic"?) NAD 3240PE integrated amp always sounded great with NHT Model One's, and more recently, with B&W DM601-S3's. This set-up is quite similar to Pdn's posting up above. It also worked quite well with Mission monitors (forgot the model). NAD has always made very nice sounding amps, and, even though their rated "watt power" may be low, they always seem to have plenty of headroom to drive a wide variety of efficient speakers. Good luck, enjoy the search, and Happy Listening !!