What speakers for BAT VK-75, 75SE or ARC VT-100s

I am looking for full rnage speakers that can be driven by either of these two amps. I like a wide range of music but prefer a musical sound overall. I do like to juice the volume sometiimes and I do want a speaker that sound good loud or soft.

Hello Bigkidz;
I am using Kharma CE2.2 with my BAT VK75Se.
Great synergy and awesome sound.

Regards, Jack.
Hard to beat the Vandersteen 5As ,,, and from what I heard at CES, the same will likely be true for the Quatro. I drive my 5s with mono VK-60s to great effect.
The Audio Artistry Dvorak mates well with the ARC and is certainly full range (subs require another amp, however).
These can be had for a song (around $2000) and excel with full tilt symphonic works.
They use dual eight-inch midrange drivers which, I believe, adds to the ease and "majesty" of their sound.
The mid/tweet panels are somewhat tall so you may need to tilt them forward to be on axis.
I had a BAT VK75SE that drove my Verity Audio Fidelio's really well. Great sounding speaker with some of the very best mid range I have heard! They have nice detail at low volume, but can also go loud if you feel the urge.
Bigkidz- i have some information for you that i finally picked up. Email me offline, and we can discuss.
Note that with the Proac distribution of the new D2.5 & D3.8's, I would imagine that the former Response 2.5 & 3.8's will be seen in the used market.

I just picked up a pair of 3.8's and I'm very happy with the way they sound with my ARC VT130se.
I'm running Wilson Watt Puppy 6's with my 75se. See system posted on audiogon. Great sound for the $$'s.