What speakers for Art Audio Jota?

I have just trying to build a system around Art Audio Jota.
Could somebody advise on what speaker system I should be looking for just to get started? I have heard Jota with Genesis 500 and thought that they sound great together.
Please advice.

You should aim for efficient speakers such as Tannoy Churchhill, Coninsident...
I have heard good results with both Triangle and Soliloquy. Best of luck.

I audited the combination of Art Audio Jota with Silverline Sonata MK I (95 db) which I currently own. It is an excellent match.

Happy Listening.

I've heard the Jota with the Silverline Sonatina and Sonata and both were wonderful. Depending on your budget and taste I would highly recommend either one!
Why not get the Genesis 500's? Those are my speakers and I love them. They don't need much power because of their own built in woofer amps. they are now available for under $4000 on this site! I wish I could afford another pair, they are superb speakers.
I have the Avantgarde Duos with the Jota and the KR BXLS tubes...One SWEET COMBO!!!!
I own the Jota amp and using all three set of tubes available the VV32B,300BXLS,52BX tubes and upraded the 6922 to the telefukens CC According to what other equipment used and cables etc its hard to tell Im using the Aliante Model Ones and completely happy with them Ive owned the Silverline Sonatas and a very good speaker but not on the Jota amp but will stay with the Aliantes thats my choice Thanks

As a owner of Sonata, I am considering to change amplifier from Amta-Shpere to Jota. Please share with us the experience you had with the Sonata and Jota combination. What's the weakness?

Tahnks and Happy Listening!

Otta I wanted to make a correction on the above I own the Jota amp and its a super amp and its going to stay along time Ive owned the Silverline Sonata and its a very good speaker but never used it with the Jota amp so really dont know how it matches up I dont see how you could go wrong with either speakers the Sonata or my choice the Aliantes As I mentioned alot depends cables preamp etc used trying to match up the system Thanks