What speakers for Advent 300

I'm concidering buying an Advent 300 for a second system and need help with a good speaker matchup.I plan on listening to vinyl through it if that helps any.
vintage KLH 6
Found a pair of klh-6's for $70. Still waiting to see if he still has them. Is ths a fair price if they are in good working condition? Thanks for your help.
My father used to have an Advent 300. He used it with the original Advent speakers and it was a good match.
I believe it only puts out 15wpc so you will need a fairly efficient speaker. I would also avoid anything with a metal dome tweeter. If you're planning on using the tuner section make sure it is working before you buy. I used B&W DM100's which were bookshelf speakers I bought in the Mid to late 1980's. If I were shopping today, I would check out Cambridge Soundworks as I would think their speakers would be voiced to work with the Advent. That said, I replaced my Advent receiver with an NAD 701 receiver around 9 yrs ago, which thoroughly outperformed it in every parameter. My Advent sits in my attic where it occaisionaly drives Radio Shack Minimis 7 speakers (remember those?) for background music, when I am working up there.