what speakers for 40 watt triode?

Hi, I've got Cary SLI-80 now, and love it in both triode and ultraliner mode, but I think I'll get best of both worlds if I get a more efficient speaker and just run it in triode. My Thiel 1.6's actually work quite well with the triode mode, but comparison with the UL mode reveals that there is a bit more spunk and size of soundstage to be had. I'm thinking nominal 8 ohm instead of 4, 90+ sensitivity. What do you think?

Have any of you lived with Cary SLI-80 in triode mode? Which speakers mated well?

When I first heard the Roman Audio Centurions, they were being run with an SLI-80. It's a very impressive combination.
B&W Signature 805s.
What's your budget?
If your budget can stretch look for a used pair of Alon Lotus SE, with a 14 ohm woofer and 90db sensitivity these sing with my 36 watt Air Tight amp. They play as loud as you might want and the bass goes to about 38hz. You'll probably pay 1800-2000 used. Good luck!
I'm curious whether a different speaker will ameloriate the relative deficiencies of triode, since my experience has always been that switching to triode mode on a push-pull pentode amp will lose you some of the exact qualities you mention - namely dynamics and soundfield size (and often a bit of tonal neutrality, frequency extension, and bass tautness as well) - in exchange for some added textural purity and freedom from glare/hardness. I'm not saying a different speaker won't work any better in this mode than the little Thiels (although I'm not sure that they will, all things considered - it's a fine speaker), just that the same sort of relative differences between the modes may still apply even with different speakers.
I'm using the efficient Coincident Conquest with my low wattage tube amp.
Thanks for your ideas. I will have to experiment with some more efficient speakers and find out. I've been thinking Ref 3a, Coincident, or Silverline. I had not thought of Alon or Roman in this category. (Are B&W so efficient too?) I plan to pay special attention to efficient speakers at the HE show in June.

Keep those ideas coming though....

Whether B&W is suitable depends on the size of your room, the listening distance, & the level of volume.
Seriously consider the Von Schweikert DB-100's. They are 100db efficient with an added solid state driven woofer. I push them with a Rogue Magnum Tempest at 42 watts in triode and the match is terrific. More than enough power.
Rich, with 100db! You ought to try some SET amps!