What speakers are you running with your Pass Labs XA 30.8?

I will be replacing my Devialet with a Pass XA 30.8 very soon.

Those that have this amp, what speakers are you running with it?

2 way? 3 way? 4 way (Vandersteens)?

How sensitive to make they and the amp shine?
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This is just too coincidental...

I am waiting for my brand new PS Audio DSD sr. I will be going direct from it to the XA 30.8 via XLR. (HFC CT-2's)

You are running almost the exact same setup that I will have! Very Cool!

Did you see much of a drop off in sound quality when you took out the preamp?

I was planning on getting a Pass XP-12 down the road, but really want to hear it without a preamp first. Plus, just do not have the funds right now...

Would love to hear your impressions of your setup with and without the preamp....

Forgive me for prying if I am... 

I didn’t notice a significant difference without the pre (MZ2 from linear tube audio).  It sounds very good without, maybe a little richer, wetter, with the DSJr.  I’m looking forward to the new Snowmass update from PS Audio.
Harbeth SHL5+. Excellent combination!

That is also great to hear. Both of the PS Audio DAC's were built to run without a preamp. 

In reading on the PS Audio forums, 98% of the people LOVE Snowmass. It has it's quirks, as everything does, but for the most part they love it. It will be installed on mine when I get it.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about this. Always good to know that someone has taken the route you are about to take, and loves it!

Thanks Doni!