What speakers are you guys driving your BAT's with

I'm curious what people here are driving their Bat's with The VK60 or the Vk75.

Can these amps drive difficult speakers ?

Other than BAT pre-amps, what pre-amps are used in your system ?

Enlighten me.

Thank you.

Aerial 20 ts. I am using 2 6200 multichannel amps, bi amping each speaker. Working quite well.
Von Schweikert VR-4JR, BAT-75 SE. I feel BAT has enough power.
Wilson Benesch ARC driven by a 75se. This amp can drive difficult speakers but i would stay with speakers with a fairly flat impedance curve not dipping below 4 ohms. The WB are nominal 6 ohms and I think overall a great speaker. All the WB for that matter.

VK-31se, VK-p5

AQ cables


Shunyata PCs and Hydra
Jmlab Mezzo`s with a BAT 75se/51se I have no desire to change. David
BAT VK-31; BAT VK-75; Avantgarde Duo: almost too MUCH power.
When I was using my VK75SE with difficult speakers (Wilson W3P2) I used Zeroimpedance.com Autoformers.
The BAT drives the speakers, not the other way around.......

I’m using Von Schweikert VR 5se and with plenty of head room, but I must admit the VR 5se listed at 94db.
Dunlavy SC4a using the VK60. Preamp is Placette Active Line Stage. The VK60 works extremely well with the Dunlavys - ample power and good bass in a medium size room.
VK-75 Driving Dynaudio Contour 3.0.
For 86db speakers the amp. has lots of power!

VK-60s driving Avalon Eclipse.
VK-60s driving Avalon Ascents (friends)
Both combinations are fabulous. Amps run hot.
VK-60s driving Avalon Eclipse.
VK-60s driving Avalon Ascents (friends)
Both combinations are fabulous. Amps run hot.

"wow" these are hard to drive speakers!
anyone here with VK60 driving the Magnepans like the 1.6 or 2.7s ?
BAT VK 150SE 's driving Legacy Focus speakers.
I used the 60s to run my Eclipses for about a year. They were by far the best (smooth and liquid) of any amp I tried. A pair of Odyssey monos were up there, but a not-so-slight grain caused me to reconsider.
The only reason I sold the 60s is because they ran too hot for my smallish room.
At 120 watts per, the BATs have no trouble pushing the Avalons. My friend with the Ascents has the nicest sounding system my ears have ever heard. He has a large room with very high ceilings.
I now use a pair of Primaluna 7 monos. These are rated at 70 watts per and they run the Eclipses smoothly and with that tube liquidity. Good soundstage and depth. Never fatiguing. I was concerned about the low power, but this is not an issue, perhaps the small room and reasonable volume has to do with this?
But they do sound fabulous and the PLs are not nearly as hot as the BATs.

About a month ago, I took ath PLs to a friends to run his Mag 1.6s. He immediately started searching for tube amps. seems he found a pair of Quicksilver tubes, but I have not had a chance to listen.

Ever since I tried the BATs, i just cannot live without tubes.
Can you comment on BAT vs. PrimaLuna? I have BAT-75SE now, and was considering Primaluna when I was shopping.
The Pllunas are fine, adequate. They are great for my room. I have been listening to Frank with Count Basie, Louie, Ella, some Ravel and now Nichlas Payton, the Pls whop ass.
But the BATs had more sparkle, more there without effort. More ease. Not that the PLs are "pushing it" or straining. Perhaps it is merely psychological.
If the BATs weren't so damn hot I would have kept them. For the money the Primas are a steal. Especially used at 2k.
BTW, I have considered the 75SE, I wish I had one.
Hi Oregon,

With a SingleVK60, was it enough to drive the Avalons ?

How do you compare the Vk60 with the PM's.

The PMs must be pretty good for you to sell the Bats.

I never had a SINGLE VK 60 driving the Avalons. Only the 60 monos and at 120 watts per side, they were glorious.

BTW, if anyone decides to look for a pair, try to get a later serial #, i.e. last numbers in the 400+. The number refers to the boards. You can always call BAT and speak to Viktor. He can answer questions with regards to repairs which may have been done by BAT.
I once purchased, and returned, a 60 which was severely damaged with rust on the boards. Viktor said he's seen this on amps which were used near a coast. The one I refer to was from Hawaii.
I am using the MBL's Huge sound stage.
has anyone here compared the Vk75 and the older BAT VK60 ?

Thanks for inputs.
Audio blow hard, are you saying you are using BAT VK-75 to drive MBL speakers? MBL are very difficult load, takes monster solid state from what I have heard and read. I am thinking of picking up a pair of MBL 116, but thought I would need a solid state to pair with it.

Back to the original thread. I am using my VK-75SE with Sonus Faber Amati Homage, this is the best amp I have tried with Amati from midrange and up. I have also tried the amp with many other speakers including Sonus Faber Cremona (excellent combo), Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage (also excellent match), Dynaudio Contour 3.3 (no bass), Dynaudio Confidence 5 (even less bass), and some other speakers I can't recall anymore.
Umm...amps drive speakers, not the other way around.
I am driving Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Signatures with a BAT VK-200. Drives them very well.