What speakers are these?

Just wondering what speakers these are. I have seen this picture many times and always wondered.



Hard to tell. Alot of monitor speakers look like those.

What i wanna know is the specs on those shoes they are using for amplification.
I am going to go with Aerial 5's, Birdseye Maple.

here are the specs slappy...straight from Blue Circle Audios website.

Specifications: MusicPumps 25 watts per channel into 8 ohms. DC coupled operation from input to output. Thermal shut-down protection. Gold plated RCA input jacks. Frequency response: 10Hz to 30kHz +,- 0.2dB. THD is less than 0.25% at full power into 8 ohms.
That pic is a joke right? Some sick bastard did not actually make amplifiers out of shoes right?
Gilbert Yeung of BlueCircle did it. He also built the preamp into a matching purse. Long story which he will happily recount.
By the name Gilbert Yeung, i will assume he is a guy?
Why is he playing with Pumps and Purses? Why not make an amplifer out of a beer can? or a whiskey flask? or a DesertEagle 5.0?

kinda fruity.
no seriously...go to blue circle audios website...they really do have them...about 1300 for the purse + pumps...I think they are for the transvestite crowd.

Looks can be misleading. No doubt those little blue amps pump out some current, though I wonder if they are only at their best with proper toe in. Also, while they certainly take a step in a new direction, if I were the designer I would have started with golf shoes to take advantage of the built-in isolation. Lacking actual measurements, I can't say for sure, but I strongly suspect a set of cleats will sound better than a single spike heel by a significant margin. But then, of course, you'd take a hit on esthetics.
Feel free to corect me if I am wrong. But I believe that a shoe reseller asked Gilbert to make a high quailty Pre/power combo that would fit inside of ther product.

Unforchanatly, it's no joke, and I wonder about the mastermind that thought the idea up. Howver, Gilbert did his part am made a women purse and some high heals sound great from what I have heard.

Here is the site:
BTW Porschecab,

I think you are right with the speakers, judging by the small logo right below the driver. Thanks, I have been wondering what speakers those were for weeks. I could of swear that I saw them somewhere else before.

Thanks for helping me out and solving the mystery.

Hey Slappy,

If you ever met the mad genius Gilbert Yeung, you'd completely understand it!

I heard this exact set up including the Aerial Acoustics 5s and Purse preamp at the Blue Circle room in Alexis Park at CES 2003. Sounded pretty good. Kevin Allen of Harmonia Audio also gave me the Music Ring, BC86 demo in that room.

Slappy, you'd totally dig Gilbert. This was by far the funnest room to hang out in. Well, next to being at the AVN Expo that is. Walking around Alexis Park I was beginning to tire of all the suites playing Diana Krall and Norah Jones. So when I walked into the Blue Circle room and heard the legendary Hawaiian singer Iz emanating from the Martin Logan Aerius and Blue Circle amps, I knew I'd found a "different" pad. Gilbert and Kevin are zany, wacky, straight up dudes. I took a picture of them choking each other.

I heard somewhere that it was Gilbert's girlfriend that suggested the Music Pumps and Purse, but I could be wrong. In the Blue Circle forums I suggested they design a set of brassiere headphones, but I think my post got dumped, heheh.

BTW, I'm using my .44 Desert Eagle as vibration control on top of my preamp. Does wonders for microphonics! My Benelli M1 Super 90 ain't bad either.
Gunbei's got the low-down on this... pumps and purse are great and they were indeed pushing a pair of Aerial 5s... fantastic sounding speakers! And shoes, for that matter :-)