What speakers are these?

I have in-wall speakers in a B&W CWM8 box. I've had them for 20 years, but never installed them. Unfortunately, when I finally needed to install them, I found that the midrange driver was open-circuit. I found the problem but couldn't repair.

I've contacted B&W, but they tell me that these are not CWM8 speakers. Can anyone identify what speakers these might be, and does anyone know where I could get a replacement midrange driver?



Many Thanks!!
Those are definitely not B&W. They look off brand to me, like Monoprice or Parts Express or some smaller manufacturer.

Also, the picture you provided of the front has a hole in the foam surround of the woofer.
If there are numbers on the back of the driver, contact Madisound, and give them the info. Chances are good that they can ID it for you. (https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/contact-us)
Yeah, I didn't see the hole in the main driver until I took the pic. I think it went in and out of the box one too many times after I took it out of storage. The midrange was already shot, but I may have damaged the main surround when I was removing the midrange to work on it.

I'll contact Madisound. Thanks for the link.