What speakers are people using with the AYON

Hello, I need some help finding some speakers that work very well with the AYON Triton Integrated amplifier. Please.
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The Triton is 100 meaty watts a channel, any reasonably efficient speaker will be fine.

I have ProAc D30R with a Spirit III.. ProAc D40R would certainly work a treat, as would the new KEF Reference series..
i have the ZU soul supreme 101 efficiency with ayon spirit III for the past two month so far satisfy, great sound stage,

Can you elaborate a little more on the Zu Soul Supreme? I am close to buying a pair and would like a little input from owners.



I use Silverline Bolero speakers with a Triton-1. I would like to second what Erik said, that any reasonably efficient speaker will work fine.



I think your Contour 3.0 speakers would be fine, but as I am a fan of the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter you might consider the Contour S5.4 or the Confidence C2 Platinum.