What speakers are good with Burmester?

Dear all

I have Burmester 061 CDP, 051 integrated Amp that I use as a pre-amp (will upgrade to 011), and 911 MK3 amp.

I currently use Usher's CP777 BE speakers but I would really like to upgrade my speakers. I have already heard Burmester speakers. However, I am wondering if anyone has any experiences with Burmester equipments and other speaker brands.

Please let me know. Thank you
My Burmester dealer has Dynaudio. Fantastic combo. Especially the confidence line.
If you have a 911, you really need to take the time and sit down with some of the different Burmester speakers!

I have a 036 amp and the dealer has the whole classic line set up in his shop and that system is the best I've ever heard! Now this dealer also has Magnepan, Wilson and JM Focal Lab in house, and none of the other combinations match the musical sound that the Burmester speakers put out, softly or loudly.

If I didn't have so much money invested in my upgraded speakers and custom outboard crossovers, I'd have the Burmester speakers in a heartbeat.

I really like the Dynaudio speakers too, but I think the Burmester speakers are what you need to give a very serious consideration to. I've heard many, many different speakers in my 55 years, and I'd choose these.
I have Silverline Grande La Folia speaker (all dynaudio drivers). They sound really wonderfull with my previous combo: McIntosh c220pre and Burmester 911mk3.
The speakers sounds even better with my present swedish built LA Mayro integ. tube amp but thats another story!
I have heard Burmester with some Sonus Faber floorstanders...I don't know which ones. That was with a 956, 001, and 011. Sounded great! Very fast and musical.

I have also heard the 051 running some Wilson Sophias and JM Lab Utopia Altos, which also sounded outstanding. The 051 and Altos beat a 100k McIntosh setup running Magico speakers. Amazing.

Burmester stuff is all designed to be synergistic - they will sound better with other Burmester equipment. I have to agree with Krell Man - the Burmester speakers may not look as fancy as others, but they play clean, loud, and clear on Burmester equipment. I would make a point to audition them.
I love Burmester with Focal/JM Labs speakers.

I have Burmester 032 and 061 running a pair of Wilson Sophia 2. Great great combo. I will replace the 032 with a 911mk3 this year. Look forward to that!

Cheeers and good luck!

911 MK3 + 011/088 + 001/089, as well as a Top Line, and your system really will be an "hot road". Of course the final step shall be the superb Burmester power conditioner 948.

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Burmester matchs well with all loudspeakers, but with the own Burmester loudspeakers is a different story, certainly better but much better.

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Both Sonus Faber and Audio Physic speakers are great with Burmester.