What Speakers

I just bought McIntosh pre amp C 220 and two McIntosh MC 275 what speakers would sound the best im very green at this
Never heard this combo, but have read many times that a really great speaker match for your 275's is Totem Forest. Since you're green, please realize that your amps, if new, need to burn in a bit (used - playing music) before you judge too critically any speaker you connect to them. Not sure how long to burn in 275's before they settle down but I've experienced significant improvements with tubes anywhere from 25 - 100 hrs. I've also read few times how great they sound with EgglestonWorks Fontaines, which I own. If you're near Atlanta you are welcome to come over and hook them up for a listen. Good luck in your journey.
you really need to give info like room size, amount of money you can spend, type of music you like where you are able to put the speakers in the room.

good luck
I've heard a single 275 hooked up to Wilson Sophia II's and it sounded very nice at a dealer in Tampa. The 275 runs very cool also.
Klipschorns or La Scalas, or Quad 2905. Great amp-preamp combo!!
Be careful about matching speakers that might be a little bass heavy.The one I had could produce some very potent bass if mated to a speaker that is in a room with a low resonance.Three totally different speakers had exaggerated bass.I talked to other people with the same problem.That amp could produce potent bass on some recordings.
That is pretty much my set up as well combined with VOnSchweikert VR4JRs.
And, my fussy ear is so satisfied with the combination that every year I come back from RMAF believing that, aside from a few notable exceptions, I find my rig more musically satisfying than most of what I hear there.
Vandersteen speakers are extremely good and a great value at every price point. Considering your electronics, you should audition the Quatros, or 5A's. Both of these speakers can be tweeked to match your room - easily done by the dealer setup.
How did you end up with an amp and no speakers? Did you audition the amp with anything? The only other possibilities are gift (nice one!) or it fell of the back of a truck!
Watch the impedance of the speakers. I have a C2300 and MC275 and the combo sounded great with my Quad 2805. But when I got Martin Logan Spires, which can dip to below 2 Ohm, the MC275 could no longer keep up and sounded rolled off in the treble and the bass was loose. A MC402 now powers the Spires.
Have a Mac 275 hooked up to Reference 3A Grand Veenas. Great combination!