what speaker would go with my system.

I was thinking of useing Dalie euphonia ms5 speaker.
My system consist of the following.
cary cd 303/300
cary cad 500 mono
ear 868 preamplifier
system audio rangers speakers
purepower aps 2000 power conditioner
speaker cable crystal cable standard
What size room? That Dali model can overpower a smallish or even mid-size room. If your room is smaller than say 18 by 22 ft, you might want to go with the M4 or even the Helicon 800 or 400's.--Mrmitch
The room is 16ftw x 22ftL
The room is 16ftw x 22ftL.
This is also my tv room
the speakers ar about 11ft
away from were I sit.