What speaker shoud I choose?

Please help me to choose right speaker between 1 and 2

1. paradigm mini monitor(bookshelf)
2. paradigm esprit(floor standing model)

I usually listen classical music and other (80/20)
I just have mass market product.

Thank you very much
Do yourself a favor. Listen to them pick the better sounding one. Never buy a speaker you cant hear.
Not familar with the Esprit, but with 80% classical in mind try to check out the Aegis One (current model is the Aegis Evo One), which retail for around $300/pr.

The Mini Monitor is voiced more for popular music and R&R as are "some" of their more expensive offerings.

If they still make them you might also try to audition the less expensive Paradigm Titan (for use in small rooms only) which are nicely balanced for classical music.

Another all around speaker (good for classical) is the Castle Richmond. They retail for $500/pr, but are sometimes available @ a nice dscount.

Anyway, I would not use/recommend the Paradigm Mini Monitors for classical.
Thanks for the kind answers. And I am going to check out titan tommorrow.

And Have one more question. Do you think B&W 600 or 303 is good for classical music? Cause I check it out the price and those two were on my budget.


I forgot to mention another speaker that should be easy to audition (chain stores and small shop often carry the line).

Try to listen to the Polk RT25i speakers.

They are suitable for rooms on the smaller side and sound very nice in such. Every now and then, in my area anyway, they go on sale @ the chain stores. I prefer the 25's to their larger, budget models, but as mentioned they do not work well in larger rooms. I sometimes use a pair of their little RT15's @ the computer.

B&W? By all means listen to as many speakers as possible (they all sound different). B&W is a popular brand that you will either love or hate (distinctive house sound in their budget range).

Another intersting speaker system (good for classical) is the NHT Super Zero's (tiny little speakers) paired with their 250 watt active sub. Not certain of the current retail/discount prices on these, but have a friend who uses them in his office for classical music and the combo sounds quite nice (difficult to pinpoint where the music is coming from, just a room full of sound).
I have recently bought my first system and I also listen to mostly classical. I bought B&W 601's used for $200 and like them very much. After I bought them I listend to PSB Image 2 and liked them better. I have seen them on the internet for under $300. Had I waited I would have bought the PSB. You may want to try them. Enjoy!
In the budget bookshelf - I've also listened to the Wharfedale Diamond 8.1, 8.2 Anniversary, and the Monitor Audio Bronze B1 (but not its larger sibling the B2). All are quite remarkable for the price (between 2k and 3k, depending on purchase method - demo, web, etc.) Tweeters and midrange are great; bass is naturally somewhat limited by small cabinet size - but still decent if you don't need a really deep low end. Brit-design speakers seem very good for vocals.

Wharfedale diamonds are front-ported, so positioning near wall is okay. MAB B1 is rear-ported, though I think the B2 is front-ported.

Seem to be quite a few dealers for Wharfedales (even BestBuy - although I'm not sure they carry the Diamonds)

MABs seem to have a more limited dealership. I listened to a demo pair provided by a Home Theater installation company in the New England region.