What speaker is best for Mcintosh 6900?

My price rang is about $3000.

thanks everyone!
B&W 803N is a good match, might cost a little over 3 k though and will have to be used.
The Sonus Faber Cremonas at our local Mcintosh store are sounding good.
Unless the Mac has a very unusual sound, you should find a speaker that YOU like first. Then see if it is OK with your Mac.
The Mcintosh can drive just about anything. I think it goes great with Tannoy.
Mcintosh is great with my Meadowlarks--Pat McGinty uses a Mcintosh in his shop to voice his speakers. Good luck!
B&Ws are a great match with Mac, I am sure other speakers will do nicely
I love my JM Lab 926s with my McIntoshes. The 6900 will work well with just about any speakers. I have heard one with B&W N803 and it was very nice. You just have to decide what kind of sound you like and go from there.
I have had my 6900 for 3 years now. THey have driven Thiel 2.3, and Vonschweikert VR 2 and 4 Jr. I have heard this integrated driving B&W's and Martin Logans......all sound outstanding. I think this is one of those special products that will mate well with almost any loudspeaker. Maybe it has something to do with MAC's autoformer technology or maybe it is just one of those prducts where the desginers got it right on many counts.
A used pair of Klipschorns.