What speaker has the best tweeter?

I love the AMT tweeters in my speakers. They are definitely different from other tweeters I have heard. I enjoy their openness and air. But there are qualities of other tweeters that excel in other ways. Some v pricy speakers use beryllium or diamond or diamond coated beryllium. I see that the price of, Seas I think, diamond tweeter is like $6K a pair. Then ribbons offer used. Not to mention plasma, etc.
Magnepan owners (and others) think very highly of that company’s current ribbon tweeter, used in the MG3.7i, 20.7, and 30.7. The long-discontinued Tympani T-IV and T-IVa also used an earlier incarnation of basically the same driver.

The Townshend Audio Super Tweeter---a pure aluminum genuine ribbon---sounds great (I heard it in use on top---physically and sonically ;-) ---of Magicos), electronics feeding it an ARC Anniversary Reference pre and VTL power amps), as does the NEO3 magnetic-planar tweeter from GR Research.

Way back in the 1970’s the RTR ESL tweeter was used in some of the great loudspeakers of the day (the ESS TranStatic, Infinity Servo-Static and 2000A, Wilson WAMM, and Fulton Model J), and still sounds pretty darn good.

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I have no idea,


THat guy has no idea,
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IMHO the world sbest tweeter , hands down 2md to none,
Is the Seas Cresendo, Troels pretty much says its the best tweeter he has ever worked with. 
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<<<Don’t know where you get that idea, these are the newest horn loaded ones, but are little colored sounding because, of the horn and don't have a 360 degree radiating pattern

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Searched a little for web links, but this was late 70's/early 80's and all I can find is in German. I lived in Cologne at this time and actually visited the Magnat factory. Learned there that the main function of the wire mesh sphere was to lower ozone emission by establishing a steeper temperature gradient. But the smell was quite obvious and the claim 'below legal limits' applied to a pretty short listening session (30 min I believe) and a ventilated room. Easy to see how this leads to issues in the real world. Magnat discontinued the tweeter although it earned the brand recognition, even admiration as a serious innovator.
The press was simply to negative ("Ozonschleuder", something like "ozone pump"); people didn't want them around their kids anymore, and cases of headache/nausea were reported.

Later, companies like Plasmatronics used Helium to minimize ozone emissions. The Corona design also successfully suppressed ozone.
But Magnat never went back.