What speaker for Bryston 14B-SST?

I listen to rock and acousic folk. Does any one have a speaker combintaion that they are happy with the Bryston 14B-SST.
Based on my experience as a Bryston owner (4B-ST), and on the audio reviews that have been published about the 14B-SST in both the U.S. and Europe, it appears that the 14B-SST is an excellent match with virtually all high-end speakers. This puts you in the enviable position of being able to select the speaker that appeals to you, since the amp will not be a limiting factor in their performance. I hope that you will hear from some of the owners of the 14B-SST and learn what speakers they are using.
I had excellent results with a pair of NHT 3.3's, able to tame the occationally bright tweeter. They are now powering Hales Concept 5's and I couldn't be happier.
Go with the Thiel 7.2's and forget about it...
I listen to a lot of rock with a high powered amp (Spectron Musician II) and I’m very happy using a pair of Silverline La Folia’s. They are an 8 ohm speaker rated at 90db and will handle 1000 watts. They incorporate 4 great drivers— Dynaudio Esotar tweeter, Dynaudio mid, ScanSpeak mid woofer and a rear firing Focal woofer. They go down to 22hz and can play really loud without strain when there is a lot of watts available (Bryston 14B-SST) to push them. They are equally enjoyable listening to vocals and classical. Good luck.
PMC or Revel...
Currently running a pair of B&W 9 NTs hooked to a 14 BST(according to James Tanner at Bryston the 14 BST is identical to the 14 BSST,except for the facia handle design)with outstanding results.Guess you could call it an overkill.The bass definition on,for example, Patricia Barber's Verse is something to drool about.Intend,budget permitting, to upgrade to B&W 802Ns.The short point is that in the 14 BSST you have one of the best power amps available.You can spend 8k to 10 k more on a krell or ML
w/o achieving any significant improvement.There is no such thing as a perfect match between amp and speaker.Go for the speakers that sound best with the music that you like with the assurance that the bryston can drive the most difficult loads with ease.
pick your speaker fisrt, your amp will be fine with anything.

I am getting Bryston 7B-SST in 2 days for my Revel Ultima Salons. I emailed James Tanner at Bryston about differences between 14B-ST, 14B-SST, and 7B-SST and he said they are sonically all the same.

However, I have read some online mag reviews stating a slight preference for the 7B-SST.

I have not heard the 7B-SST but I heard and liked the 14B-ST. I have also heard these speakers with the ML 436 and decided on the Bryston instead. I thought they sounded just as good and was half the price. I also went with the 7B-SST over the 14B-ST because of the greater flexiblity with placement.
I have Salons and used the 7B SST's but sold them since I caused them to clip ALL THE TIME. Great bass, but for LOUD listening, which I like, not enough juice. Sorry. Got the Krell FPB 600 C. More then enough juice. But I still like Levinson sound the best.
As a VMPS dealer I would hope you wouldn't be happy (well maybe you will) with anything less than the VMPS RM/x (2nd place HIGH END CES 2003)


It would love 900 clean watts to play with!
Ats - As previously stated, with a 14B-SST you could run just about anything. You didn't indicate a budget, but if I were in your position I would probably end up with a pair of Spendor SP-100s (if price was a factor).

I had some friends (who have since moved overseas) who were running a pair of SP-100s with a Bryston 4B-ST, ARC preamp, and a Wadia CDP and the combo was sensational.

Good luck!
Better late than never, right? I recently sold my Bryston 14B-ST in the midst of an upgrade to a pair of Levinson 33H's. My Salons were very pleased with the 14B-ST. The sound was great and it seemed to have unlimited power. For folks like Adidadi who listens to music at, what appears to be, ear bleeding levels, maybe this is not the right amp. But I found it excellent in every respect. Clean, neutral, and powerful. So for most folks, the 14B-ST will be MORE than enough, I'm sure. The ONLY reason that I am upgrading is because the Levinson 33H does everything better than the 14B-ST. But of course, with a much higher price tag. Happy listening.
The speakers I have with my 7BSSTs are PMC IB1s. They must be heard to be believed. Awesome combination. I am "finished" improving my system!
My Von Schweikert VR4 SE's seem to really, really like the Bryston 14B SST, however I haven't tried them with any other amp so I have no comparison to offer.
I second csjb's comments about PMC (the Professional Monitor Company, a British outfit). I'm running the tiny TB2s with Bryston's (also tiny) B60. PMC voices their loudspeakers with Bryston amplification, so the synergy is excellent.