what speaker cables would you recommend for KEF speakers matched with Sansui amp & preamp?

Hello Members,
I am really new to this forum and high-end audio in general. I finally decided to fulfill my young age dream of having a nice set, to play many of my favorite CD's (classic rock, classical, jazz, 80's new wave, etc). I grew up in Europe, so had an exposure (just reading about, not owning) to many Japanese brands as a young adult.
Back in those days, I fell in love with Sansui brand and now after many years I decided to go with this brand as my 1st choice in building "serious set". I don't have a large budget, so this gear below will have to do for now. 
I hope I can count on your advice and expertise in this field. I started my gear collection with Sansui BA-3000 (in restoration) and added Sansui CA-2000 preamp (also in restoration). I own KEF RDM3 speakers (probably will upgrade to something else at some point. Any possible recommendations?).  For interconnect, I plan on using Acoustic Zen Matrix cable, as I've heard a lot of good things about them.
So....my question is what would be a good speaker cable to use in my set? I was thinking of continuing with Acoustic Zen Satori, but I am not sure if I am really matching a good cable to the gear I have. I like "warm" sound, like the depth, deep bass, like clean vocals. 
I am looking very hard for a better CD player to replace what I have currently (not worth mentioning). I decided to find Sony CDP-X707ES or 779ES (if you know anyone who would like to sell one, I am open to it). My friend used to have one and loved the way it's sound reproduction, its look, and features. Older unit, but built like a tank. 
Thank you in advance for all your input and help. I enjoy reading the forum and various comments on different audio gear subjects.
I hope someone would respond to my 1st post ever.  


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Thank you everyone for such a great feedback to my post. I really appreciate your help and a lot of great ideas to pursue.
From what I understand so far, I think you guys don't really favor KEF speakers as a good set to keep with Sansui amp?