what speaker cables would you recommend for KEF speakers matched with Sansui amp & preamp?

Hello Members,
I am really new to this forum and high-end audio in general. I finally decided to fulfill my young age dream of having a nice set, to play many of my favorite CD's (classic rock, classical, jazz, 80's new wave, etc). I grew up in Europe, so had an exposure (just reading about, not owning) to many Japanese brands as a young adult.
Back in those days, I fell in love with Sansui brand and now after many years I decided to go with this brand as my 1st choice in building "serious set". I don't have a large budget, so this gear below will have to do for now. 
I hope I can count on your advice and expertise in this field. I started my gear collection with Sansui BA-3000 (in restoration) and added Sansui CA-2000 preamp (also in restoration). I own KEF RDM3 speakers (probably will upgrade to something else at some point. Any possible recommendations?).  For interconnect, I plan on using Acoustic Zen Matrix cable, as I've heard a lot of good things about them.
So....my question is what would be a good speaker cable to use in my set? I was thinking of continuing with Acoustic Zen Satori, but I am not sure if I am really matching a good cable to the gear I have. I like "warm" sound, like the depth, deep bass, like clean vocals. 
I am looking very hard for a better CD player to replace what I have currently (not worth mentioning). I decided to find Sony CDP-X707ES or 779ES (if you know anyone who would like to sell one, I am open to it). My friend used to have one and loved the way it's sound reproduction, its look, and features. Older unit, but built like a tank. 
Thank you in advance for all your input and help. I enjoy reading the forum and various comments on different audio gear subjects.
I hope someone would respond to my 1st post ever.  

Good speaker cables should not make a difference in sound. If they do, they are failing their duty. The simplest way to get good sound is plain vanilla cables in sufficient thickness, esp for longer lengths. Ideally, get them with connectors already fitted, and from a pro audio store. That way you will not get ripped off by all the snake oil sellers. Just use what the pros use. Unfortunately most home audio amplifiers and speakers do not use the Neutrik connectors as per most pro audio gear.
Cables are nothing more than tone controls for most high end systems AND you already have that with your pre amp. So I would wire the whole system with Kimber Kable. Use 12tc for the speaker wire, and a Hero IC or even a PBJ (very good for the money). Kimber cables sound very nuetral , open and uncolored across the whole spectrum. Also, you could go with some cables from Signalcable.com , you can call them or order off their website, very affordable and very uncolored once broken in, sounding very detailed,open, clean, clear and fast.

Speakers to replace your KEF’s? I would look at speakers that are Warmer/Darker sounding (Sansui tends to be a bit brite) like some JBL Century 100's (1k to 2k used price, these are the speakers if you can find them) , or Acoustic Research or Klipsch (old classic brands). Newer speakers like Martin Logan (non ESL’s) or Vandersteen and Kef’s own concident "1 driver does it all" technology might be on the list (LS50), Epos, or Totem Acoustics (signature one) with good stands for more refinement in sound. Good luck!

Matt M                                                             
See here for some cable science: http://www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm#introduction
If you will ever plan to upgrade the speakers, consider Harbeth. At their various price/size points I think they are probably the best dynamic speakers in the market, with a classic sweetness and clarity. For me, they are the only dynamic speakers that come close to my Quad electrostats, even if I have obviously not listened to every speaker on the market (and do not intend to do as I am all set for the next decade or more).
Thank you everyone for such a great feedback to my post. I really appreciate your help and a lot of great ideas to pursue.
From what I understand so far, I think you guys don't really favor KEF speakers as a good set to keep with Sansui amp? 
I like the Kimber 12TC and Hero recommendation.  Some like vintage Sansui or other vintage gear, many don't. Just personal preference. 
I often use Mapleshade speaker cables with vintage amps that have spring clip connectors 
I’m surprised no one has mentioned it, but there is a duelund reproduction of old Western electric speaker cables and loads of people have been giving them rave reviews, even on new systems. Seems like a no brainier that they’d match up well with an old sansui. I have a great sansui integrated amp. It sounds beautiful.. good on you, knowing what you want in a system and going after it.

Anyway, the duelund can be found at parts connexion reasonably cheaply. It is a tinned copper cable, in cotton insulation, I believe. Good luck!