What speaker cables work well with Nordost Valhall

I know cables are very system specific and everything depends on your other components, but has anyone had any success using particular speaker cables when mated with the Nordost Valhalla interconnects? I recently purchased some Valhalla interconnects and I am blown away, they are amazing cables. I am using Nordost Super Flatline speaker cables and I obviously need to upgrade. That being said, I think the Nordost Valhalla speaker cables are a little out of my price range. Any suggestions? If it helps I am using an integrated tube amp and Alon Lotus Elite speakers. Thanks
There are many many speaker wire choices that will cost far less and outperform Valhalla. It is an overpriced and overhyped product. Look at Acoustic Zen, Ridge Street, Stealth, Audience, Staightwire, Virtual Dynamics, etc. as much better values.
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I would try a set of the BPT SC-6L speaker cables..
I have compared them to Nordost Valhalla and i think you might be quite impressed for the price.. They are only $599.00 for a standard 8 ft. set , with 30 day return policy and can be bought for $499.00 without return policy i believe.. I can say this much, they held there own when compared to Nordost.. Im not saying there better, just awefully close..
Chris is the owner at BPT and is very nice todeal with..
( BPT ) Balanced Power Technologies.
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As mentioned above, Acoustic Zen ect., would be another great possible choice, but i would consider trying the BPT first for the money..
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I found originally Nordost Red Dawn to be really nice so I picked up a set of SPM speaker cables and have not looked back, I have since upgraded all my cables but not my speaker wire. You like NOrdost why not try a step or two down from Valhalla which would still be a big step up from flatline.
With your setup using Alon speakers, I would sugegst that you try some Alpha Core Goertz AG1 or AG2 speaker cables,Virtual Dynamics NIte or David, or perhaps Audio Magic Triniums. The secret to a good system match is to try and match the transfer spped of your cables throughout. The Valhallas are obviously very fast in this regard, so the above choices should be close to optimal for you.
Thanks for the responses. I think I will look at the Nordost SPM Ref and the Acoustic Zen stuff. Which Acoustic Zen wire would you guys suggest? How about Silver cables by Signal, Revelation audio labs, etc..? Would their speed match the Valhallas? Thanks
I would try the Acoustic Zen's Satori Shotgun or the Double Barrel if you can find a good used set.. If you can afford to purchase the Satori new, give them a try..
Also , if your talking about Signal Cables , Silver Resolution cables, then yes there good , but i don't think quite up to par for what you want..
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Let me be blasphemous and suggest you do not search for speaker cables that "match the speed" of Valhalla IC's but instead take advantage of that speed. I use Vallhalla's as IC's throughout, including as digital cable. I am using PAD Venusta biwire speaker cables which I find to be a perfect balance to the Valhallas. If you get speaker cables to "match their speed" my bet is you will find the sound too "hot". With the Venustas, you will get a fuller, more natural sound. I had Ensemble Megaflux speaker cables which were as fast and detailed as Valhallas but led to a tipped up, almost etched sound. AZ Satori shotguns also work well, but the Venustas are better. Just another view.

I currently have all valhalla I/C's and like you cannot afford valhalla speaker cables.
My harmonic pro-9 speaker cables sound excellent with them, better than my previous transparent ref xl. I am sure you can p[ick up pro-9 quite cheaply on gon, then re-sell it if not to your preference.
How they interface with your speakers is another imnportant issue.
I made a few bucks selling all of my Valhalla cables for the Pure Note Paragons. In my system the Paragons trumped the Valhallas. FWIW.

I've been looking at the Paragons.
In what way did the Paragons trump the Valhallas?
You might wish to consider the Alpha Core Goertz cables. While the Valhalla is slightly lighweight in the midbass (both interconnect and speaker cable), the Alpha Core, which sounds extreeeeeemely close to it sonically, has a more powerful midbass, making images more solid. I think these two make a great match, one that I am using. Just be sure that your front end has very good midbass, because the Valhalla will most definitely "lighten" the weightiness of the sound.
Also, you could consider having the Valhallas retipped with the NextGen connectors, which Nordost will do --- for $500.00!! It does add more weight to the bass frequencies and gives the presentation more "gravitas."
As the last poster stated, the Valhallas are light in the lower mids. The highs are clear but a little hard, IMO.

The Paragons have better body and foundation. They present music authentically as I can attest to since I attend many concerts.