What speaker cables work best with MBL systems?

Any suggestions for speaker cables and interconnects (regardless of cost) that you have listened to that work particular well with MBL systems. I have the MBL 120 and C51.

What do they use at audio shows? They usually pick a cable company that flatters the equipment. If you can find past audio show coverage in the industry magazines you'll have your answer. They are going to love you with cost no object.
I was hoping to get a range of cables from people who have used them at home in their own systems so I could use that as a starting point for testing.

Thanks for the idea though, I'll do some research.

Hopefully I'll get a few more responses.

Anytime I've heard MBL, they struck me as colored.. Don't know if it was the cables, etc...therefore if it were I, I'd get a cable that just lets the sound through without any emphasis on this that or the other. To me, I have heard many many cables but none that are as transparent as Wireworld. AntiCables are also transparent, and their top of the line range is quite good, but Wireworld has a sense of effortless that once experienced is hard to do without.
I would agree with Mechans, MBL engineer team is one the best in the world and they know the sound of music.
They understand the distinct differences among the cables and frequency-dependent impedance, response variations with interactions between amplifier, cable, and their loudspeaker.
You could always use The Cable Company. They have 20+ years of records available. They will tell you what people that have the same equipment bought after they demoed a bunch of different cables.