what speaker cables with AP Libra/Virgo &

can anyone make some speaker cable suggestion for the AP Libra or Virgo ? i am using solid state amps and hybrid pre (very similiar sonic signature to the herron gear).

has anyone found a synergistic cable for these speakers?

my setup is:

marantz sa-8260 ( little warm)
sota star & ET2 arm
pse HL-1 hybrid pre ( neutral)
pse studio v monos ( neutral)
stragiht wire crescendo ic's (neutral)
my current speakers wires are cardas neutral & van den hul hybrid revolution.

thank you,

Hello Mike, I really had luck when I sort of looked at the whole system when getting my Virgo II's to sing correctly. Make sure to experiment with positioning the speakers in your room after each change as that can really affect the bass (particularly mid-bass) and the overall soundstage/imaging. I also replaced the audio physic spikes with audio points which further tightened up the mid-bass hump.

With a warm cd player like the Rega Planet 2000, I ran Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables (quick and resolving), AZ matrix reference interconnects, and AZ tsunami power cords(Mark Levinson 383 for power). The power cords and interconnects aded more depth to the soundstage and gave the vocals and acoustics a more organic sound that still had speed and attack - I was amazed at how the combination worked so well. I wanted even more (don't we all) and upgraded to an Audiomecca Mephisto II cdp which suddenly added a ton of detail, nuance and information that the Rega Planet did not have. The Mephisto with upgraded VD nite and Omega Mikro power cords allowed me to hear sub-passages in intricate recordings that had just not been there with the Rega - it was as close to live as any system I have ever heard (I did a lot of listening tests with friends). After adding in Jena Labs Symphony interconnects, I found that AZ Hologram speaker cables added a richer organic quality (which I crave) to the extreme resolution and detail that you get with the Virgo's and mephisto in the chain. It took a lot of mixing and matching in my case but I feel the Holograms gave the bass more punch/weight and an overall rightness to the mix. Good luck getting your rig where you want it.