What speaker cables to buy

Have a set of Aerial 7-B's, Driving them now with MIT T2 cables in bi-wire
with Acurus A250 Amp?

What cables should I try now that will not break the bank?

Thanks for your help!
My dad went from MIT to Audioquest and boy what an improovement, they have many models in the affordable to statement price brackets.
Alpha Core Goertz offer great interconnects and speaker cables at reasonable prices.

Very high value IMO.
I've had great success with Analysis Plus cables. I'm using Oval 9, a good, affordable choice.
I've had great success with Discovery Essential with Aerial 8, both with double runs and an Essential jumper. I had previously used MIT T2, which I liked, but found the Discovery a big improvement.
I went to Cardas on my Aerial 7 (A)s from my Aragon power amp and never looked back...

I started with AQ Midnights then went to Quadlinks to experience an amazing difference.

I currently have Biwired Cardas Neutrals.


Good Luck!
I've had very good results with a couple of "British" value brands: Ecosse(stiff as hell) and QED.

I have used the T2's before and I ended up moving to Nordost Cables...althought I didn't go all nordost in my system, I still have some MIT interconnects.

The dealer I visit has thier 7-b's and 9's running on Transparent and they sound great...I have never taken any other cables in to try, but would be interested to see what some others sound like in their setup.

Happy Hunting! The best thing about the Gon is that you can always sell something you didn't like!
What length? I recommend Cardas. Siltecs are fabulous, but expensive. MIT are horrible IMO.
I need 8' Bi-wire, Sounds (no pun) that Cardas is a good choice?

It sounds like your system is similar to mine... however your ears and taste may not be.

You can check out my reviews if you want my take on Cardas:



Good Luck!
You should try using solid core copper lighting cable first [NOT stranded] as it costs almost nothing and many people prefer it to expensive cables.It is essentialy neutral sounding whereas other cables are contrived to sound different-and people convince themselves that it is better.

I know a bloke with seriously expensive equipment that swears by this stuff.
What's your price limit?
Looking for a bi-wire 8' pair no more than 500.00

Do you self a favor. Read up on Virtual Dyanmics. I upgraded my speaker cables to VD replacing Transparent Super. Even their entry level stuff are great. Using VD is like doing an amp upgrade. In my case i use VD all around. I now get pure music!!! And nothing but music. What i hear i can compare to real intruments not systems. Please read up on VD. It is worth it.
I just bought some Zu Julians. They definitely made an improvement on my system which is Krell and Aerial 7Bs.
regards, David
It is a pleasure to hear all this excellent suggestions!

Thanks for your ideas----------

Replacing my Amp/Preamp 1st then the cables if need be!

Love more feedback!

How about just getting 12 or 10 gage from home depot and spend that money elsewhere. Give this article a read.


Let the rock throwing commence!
You can check out my system.... I use BetterCables. I tried really really expensive ones and never heard a difference between them and cheaper, well-constructed cables. Personally, I would be really careful about wasting money on cables unless you are 100% certain you hear a stark difference while blindfolded.

I hope you don't make the same mistake I did initially and buy stuff you don't really need. You could easily put that money into better investments, such as actual playback equipment, or best yet, higher-end speakers.