What speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 2s ?

amps are Lamm hybrids 2.2s
would think prana would be exceptional. cosmos if you got the $$, or nataraja (which i thought bested jorma primes, transparent ref MM, and others) if not. they're silver, but not bright, which should mate very well w/ darkish lamm amps. also, they've the best stage width i've ever heard...wall to wall. jormas have better image density, and a more neutral tone (which would lead to a dark presentation per the lamm character). bass impact about at parity of transparent (which are good cables, but bested by others listed).

oh how i wish i had cosmos. but so much $$. then again, they all are!

those damn cable guys!
Great speakers and great amps. Are you looking tweeking your sound in any direction?
I use Acrolink 7N-S20000 with Sophia 2s and am very happy with the combination. They stop the tweeter from getting harsh or over-bright, have a very realistic soundstage and superb presentation of detail and tone.

I use a very different amplifier however - Musical Fidelity kW500.
I used AZs (Hologram 2) with my 1s