What speaker cables for vintage equipment

I just bought an ARC amp that uses the older style speaker barrier connections.
The space between the strips is tight and my current spades wont fit..too wide.
What current speaker cables are made that will work with these strips?
Thanks for the suggestions.
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Clip the spades off and use bare wire. It will sound better anyway.
Mapleshade Golden Helix.
I would recommend highly that you use ordinary 14awg bare copper wire and twist it around the screw terminals. Now talk about nostalgia.Its allot cheaper and will sound great at less then a dollar a ft.
Thanks so far for the suggestions. Cutting off the existing spades is not an option, I need the cables for another amp that works well with these.
Does anyone know of a company that makes a spade or ? that will fit the
barrier strips and that will allow a regular size spade to connect to it ( the smaller spade).
That would be my ideal solution.
I believe this will do the trick. I use one with my MC275 and it allows you to use cables of your choice. Maybe a bit pricy but a very high quality construction piece.

Home Depot is your best bet.
I think Lat International sells cables with spades suitable for older equipment.

I used to file down the edges of the large spades just enough to fit the ARC barrier strips.