What speaker cables for my system ?

I have :
Accuphase P-7000 amplifier
Accuphase C-2400 preamplifier
Lamm LP2 phono preamplifier
Accuphase SACD/CD DP-85
Michell Orbe
Zingali Moniter 115 as speakers
Cardas Reference Power Chords
Interconnect Audio Metallurgy Gold Alloy G2
Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables bi-wired

I am wondering if other speaker cables could suit better my system. Improve the sound in some way.
I would mainly be grateful to those who know Zingali, Accuphase and Lamm to give me some insights.
Thanks a lot !

PS Interconnect cables : are Aural Thrills very good ? As good or better than my Audiometallurgy, considering my system ?
Jena Labs are the best cables I have tried. Tried them in various systems. They are very neutral with fabulous imaging, transparency, focus, etc. And best of all, they are tonally very natural. Better than all the cables I tried regardless of price.
Aural Thrills are VERY good, the best of all the usual suspects below stupid money.