What speaker cables for Krell 300CX.

I have a Kell 300cx amp, Snergy IIi preamp, Wdia 850 cd,Aeial 10t speakers.

I am looking for a cable that will still give me a deep controled bass, but soften up the top end just a little.

The Snergy IIi helped some, but I would like to get a little more for my tast.

I am currently using Analysis Plus ovel 9.
hello russb,i've got a 300cx with a wadia 830 going to a pair of hales system two's.i tried several different cables and i.c's.ps audio statement bi- wire and xlr's,synergistic res.ref.cables and i.c.'s,then cardas nuetral ref.cables and golden ref. i.c.'c.after much switching i have gone with the synergistic res. ref. xlr's and harmonic tech. pro 9+ bi -wire.IMHO this pairing sounds best on my system.good music to you.WLZ
I have a 400cx with Thiel CS6s and I use Harmonic Technology Prosilway 11 speakers cables, spade terminated.

I hear those qualities you desire relative to the Tara cables I had prior to changing.

Single crystal construction makes a positive difference to my ears.
PAD Venustas. I use this with a 300cx and they fleshed out the top end nicely, taking off the nasties. Little to no loss of detail or high-end shimmer. Solved the same problem you have.

i have to agree with stevecham,the single crystal was a big plus to my ear!