what speaker cables for aerial acoustics model 9

I just purchased a pair of aerial acoustics model 9 speakers.I am driving them with a balanced audio technology VK500 amp.I need any help with what speaker cables to give a nice balanced sound? Anyone?-Buddy1
I've been running Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun and have loved it.

Then I had a custom room built and I needed a longer run of smaller cables to thread in a tight space out of a cabinet, so I got Audience au24 biwires.

The Audience, while more expensive, is no better. Rather similar in fact.

If you are in the market for a pair of AZ Satori Shotgun cables and 2meters-plus a few inches is a good length for you, check out my forsale ad.

Even if you don't buy mine -- too long too short whatever -- you should check them out. I've had the nines for several years, now running them with Cary solid state monoblocks (not terribly different from your set up -- solid state with a bit of tubelike warmth) and the AZ is great. The rest of my wire is Kubala Emotion, and while I think the Kubala interconnects are better than the AZ, the speaker cable is not enough better to justify the 4x price jump.

Definitely biwire. The nines really prefer it. I single wired and jumped for a while, but even the manufacturer will tell you that this speaker likes a true biwire.

Any downsides to AZ? A bit on the stiff side. But there is an 8" tail on the amp end and longer tails on the speaker end, so there's no problem with hookup as long as the main run of the cable doesn't need to snake under and over things too much between speaker and amp.

Good luck,