What speaker cables and interconnects for Dali MS4

I just recieved my Dali MS4 speakers. I want to bi-wire them and have the Plinius SB-301 for the amp. I am using the Cary SLP 05 for the preamp. Does anyone have recomendations as to what speaker wire will be a good match? Also what interconnects will work well with this system.
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Wow- usually the guys that post on this site are all over themselves making recommendations. In my experience, there are a couple of cables that I know will work well with this system- both Stereovox and Nirvana. I have a couple of customers that like AU24 speaker cables with Dali and Plinius, but I have always found this to have a bottom end that is a bit "Bloated". If you can not try some cables out and have to make a decision, go with the Stereovox setup. Have Fun!
if you are still looking for speaker cables, I highly recommend Purist. I think Purist 20th Anniversary Aqueous is a great match with the Dali. I heard both MS4 and MS5 with this speaker cable and it was great. Just the right balance between detail and smoothness.
I would try with Transparent cables. Maybe it's too much roll of in the top for you. But listen to it, and give it a try. Maybe it's the cable for you, maybe not.
If you listen to, be sure it's burned in. When I just got my MusicLink it sounded very bad. Actually I was close to buy another cables, but after 1-2 weeks the sonic queality increased very much. And today I don't think there is a better cable out there for me, in the price range of course.