what speaker cable would you select?

I am looking to upgrade my speaker cable. I am looking for 7 foot bi-wire cable. Right now I am using entry level Kimber and want to improve resolution without additional edge. Using Rotel CD player with MSB DAC. Running the signal through an Aronov tubed preamp, Classe 10 amp, into NOrth Creek Borealis speakers. Thinking about Kimber 8TC, DH Labs, SIgnal Cable, SPeltz anti-cable or lower end Cardas. Again ,I want to bi-wire. Suggestions or thoughts? Thanks
Biggest bang for the buck audiophile speaker cables are the Speltz anti-cables. I bought some out of curiosity and have been passing them around our audio club. They are generally accepted as excellent. They could be difficult to work with as they are quit stiff being solid 12 ga.
I concur with LugNut: get the Speltz anti-cable. Two 7-ft. pairs (for bi-wiring), spade-terminated, will cost you $140 brand new. Anti-cable blew away my AudioQuest GBC-8, and easily bettered my Signal Cable. I wouldn't waste my time with Kimber Kable, entry-level or otherwise. I've never tried DH Labs or Cardas, but I am willing to bet that, for the price paid, nothing will come close to the anti-cable. It is stiff, but take your time with it and unwind it correctly (Paul Speltz gives you a little instruction guide for doing so). It's exceptional cable!
I think you'll find your answer in this recent thread:


Have you looked at Kubala-Sosna?
Stereophile’s Kalman Rubinson (Stereo in the Round column-March 2005) tested these speaker cables and loved them. He stated: ”These cables are in my multichannel system for the long haul”.
Another A-gon member refereed these cables to me as did my dealer. So I tried a pair of speaker cables and then interconnects and PC’s and they are an excellent value- very detailed and natural without coloration.
This is a cable that might be well worth your time to test and they offer a few different lines, some upgrade paths,Compatibility and Satisfaction Guarantee. Not to mention if you e mail them one of the owners will be responding to you.

My system is all McIntosh, including speakers and Kubala-Sosna cables