What speaker cable for Reference 3A MMi De Capo??

I am expecting a nice pair of used De Capos soon,thanks Bry and Audiogon, but need new speaker cable.I will be using an Eastern Electric M520 integrated amp to power them.
Any of you De capo owners out there have any reccomendations?I need a 12 foot run and would like to get out as cheaply as possible.
Is the need to bi wire these beautys a neccessity??The last speakers I had bi-wired I used Linn K-400.Not too expensive but they are a bit bulky.

I have seen decent prices at cablepro.com and elenmentcable.com.Any comments on these two cables??

Thanks in advance for any input.
Buy the best Cardas cable you can afford then bi-wire them with a set of Golden Cross jumpers instead of the bridges that come with them.

They need to be bi-wired in some fashion to get the best out of them.