What speaker cable for Mcintosh + B&W combo???

I just bought a MC402 to drive my B&W805s. I heard this is a good combo and i'm gonna stick to it. I need advice on speaker cable and interconnect. I have no experience with it. All the owner of this combo please share with me. Which speaker cable and interconnect is goood for this combo?
Thank for any thoughts
Plenty of McIntosh and B&W owners along with other High End brands. Ask here http://audioaficionado.org/
I've heard Transparent with this combo to a nice effect.
Cardas Golden Reference, Kimber Kable KS 3033, 3035, 3038 with the Kimber jumpers.....awesome!!
How about Purist or Nordost? i've heard they are great cables. How do they sound with this combo?

I use to have the 803 B&W with Transparent Ultra and Reference. This was a nice combo, but it got a bit bloated at times or a bit chesty with the voices. I then sold and got onto Valhalla. This was a big change for the better. The Valhalla was a much better match in all areas for the B&W 803. I believe all the Nautilus range have the same sound nearly. Except as you go up the line of speaker, they just sound better. The Valhalla or Transparent is not in proportion to price ratio, but if you can pick up for a good price, I say go for it. The Kimber mentioned above is also a great match. I have had the above cables in the system and they sound nice indeed.
Thanks Lybbyandjan for your help.I know Valhalla is a very good cable but the sad thing is i can't afford it :-(. What do you think about Heimdal? I know it's alot cheaper but does it sound close to Valhalla? What amp you use with B&W803?
Hello again

Thanks for the email.

There is nothing wrong with the Heimdal. The Heimdal is a very nice cable indeed.

For the price, it is extremely great value and I believe it will be a good match for the B&W you have.

The Heimdal is not as good as the Valhalla, but is very close.

As with most cables that cost a great deal, the more you pay up the ladder, the returns generally diminish.

The kimber 3033 is also a good match for the B&W. I have had this cable and it performs very nicely too.

I have the AW180 Electrocompaniet Mono Blocs in my system.

All the best.

Thanks Libbyandjan and everybody who reply my thread. I guess i'm gonna try Heimdall or Transparent.
Hi everyone here. May I have a question? Is MIT Terminator 2 speaker cables matched well with B&W 804S? Thanks for all input.

I'm using Cardas GR and it's great combo with Mac and B&W.
I'm also auditioning anti-cable. i'll let you know how that come out.
Do yourself a favor and try Straightwire Maestro II. I prefer it over many contenders with my Mac 501's and Theils. It seems to have all the characteristics I enjoy with nothing overblown, clarity but not bright, solid bass but fast, no bloat and balanced midrange.

That has been my quest over the years with cables, especially speaker cables is balance - get out of the way and let the music flow.