what speaker cable betters my audioquest slate?

currently using a long length of audioquest slate speaker cables. no longer need the long run and 6 foot would be sufficient. want to make a step up without paying the big bucks. used is preferred help! thank you
I'm sold on Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables and would like to put in my 2 cents for them. The MI-2's are a great bargain. :o)
Why not tell us what big bucks means to you, as well as your speakers.
your cables are fine...neutral.....which is the goal.number51
Acoustic Zen Satori: for the money value= excellent and their top to bottom performance is excellent too. Used prices here are very reasonable. If you go 8 feet, you of course have a much better choice in the Agon classifieds.
Try the new LAT International SS-1000 MK II cables. My friend and I put them up against some super expensive ones. LAT came out on top. Low price points depending on how long you need - they give you 45 days to try them out.