What speaker cable are Daber audio owners using

What speaker cables are owners of Daber Audio Monitor 3 speakers using?
Primary cables are a multi strand 12 gauge. I have used Monster Cables and brand X. At times I switch to MIT terminator 3 speaker cables.

I am a big believer in 12 gauge multi strand wire. The Monitor 3 sound good to my ears with the few I use, and have not found the speakers to be fussy.

Not a big convert in exotic and expensive cables, with the thinking that room treatments have much more bang for the buck. but I have open mind. Should you come across something that make these great speakers sing all the more, please post.
I currently use Signal Cable ultra speaker cables. Thanks for the reply.
I have the Monitor 3's and am using Transparent Wave speaker cables. I would be interested if either of you have been able to tame the tweeter abit through your speaker cables.
Dpl35, I have not noticed any issue with the tweeter but that may be more due to my overall system than the speaker cable.
To test the room, I've tried mine in a larger room in my house. It did make a difference, sounded better.