what speakeers are a good match with unico se

I recently bought a Unico se hybrid integrated amplifier. I do like it alot. But now I need better speakers. I'm using my old Vanderteeen model 1's and the Unico really made them better than I've heard from them before but it is a bit overpowering for the Vandersteens. I like a broad variety of music from classical and jazz to driving rock and even some country. I do not live close enough to easily audition other systems so I'm gathering suggestions to make a decision. I hear that Triangle's are good but bass shy, Opeera's might be a good match as well as Proac or Monitor Audio. Any comments or suggestions?
Try a Pair of Vandersteen 2CE Sig2
why settle for a box when you can have an affordable full range speaker?

Cheers Johnnyr
I own an SE as well and so does a good friend of mine. I am using Sonus Faber Grand Pianos (HOME) with stunning results. The SE drives them with ease and matches them tonally. (Unison Research actually makes the Sonus Faber Musica Integrated amp for them which is used to voice some of their speakers) My friend is using a pair of Proac 2.5's which also sound remarkably good. Both are solid matches for the SE.

I would also suggest considering Opera Speakers or perhaps Vienna Acoustics speakers too.

Good Luck!

Thank you for your thoughtful replies, they all are good suggestions. It reinforces my research and makes a purchase more reassuring.