What sounds the best on your system?

What instruments and/or types of music do you think sound the best on your systems?

On my system I really love the way the strings of violins and guitars sound as well as percussion instruments like cymbals and triangles. I really love the Focal tweeters.
listen to the bad plus. a jazz group. their standup bass playing is great. the strings and plucking sounds on these are the vistas . cut 6 will amaze the jazz fan
Kick drum and bass during well recorded rock music. I think of The Police, So Lonely, Roxanne
Well, my system is fullrange (I have a pair of subwoofers)...so everything sounds pretty darn good to my ear.

I flop all over the place in music selection, so I guess what ever I'm into "that day" (or couple of days) sounds the best.

I do like violin, sax, horns, drum, and I'm really into some newage/world music.

I would have to say bass and well done snares wet with reverb.
HAte to say it is the industrial music's stuff clanging and wacking. Sounds like I am in a foundry/ industrial plant for real!
For actual (normal) music, the acoustical space always makes it seem a bit fake. I'd have to find a recording that was actually from a space the size of my listening area I guess?? Though small scale Jazz and Classical can get pretty close to being in my Apt.
My system plays all types of music very well, sans rap & disco - which I never play or want to hear.
I listen mostly to jazz, rock from the 60's, 70's & 80's & classical music.
I credit most of the sound to my amps (incredible bandwith) & speakers (best I've ever heard for stringed instruments).
Love the trumpet (Doc Severensen) & flute (Herbie Mann).
Vocals are superb, drums sound real & symbols shimmer.
When I play Clapton (Unplugged) I swear he's in the room with me!
My digital front end sounds great, but nothing beats vinyl or ever will (IMHO).
I think Melissa Manchester (Working Girl) is telling me to play side 2 now.
Vocals, simply par excellence. I can hear saliva slooshing around in the singers' mouth. Detail, wonderful detail.
....Horns ...
Yoko Ono and her primal screams!!!
Silence sounds the best. Everything else is just a noise.
Noise that stirs the soul , and releases the passion .