What Sonically is the Difference between a $1,500 CD Player and a $10K-$25K One?

I realize opinions may vary, but if I could give an example of two CD players perhaps someone can give me their thoughts on the cost benefits of either one? What would be the difference in your opinion between say a Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD Player and the Gryphon Scorpio S CD Player? And are the difference truly audible or more technical and rather indiscernible through human hearing?

In general, what makes a CD player (other than build components) 10x more costly than a decently built one other than features?

Price does not indicate the design and parts quality.  I can make a great looking chassis and put crap inside and sell it for much more that a cardboard box chassis.  But I can also make a product and put it into a cardboard box that would also sound great.

When I look at "expensive" components, I rarely see high quality parts such as custom transformers, capacitors and resistors.  I see mostly aluminum chassis milled from thick aluminum.  Looks great but sounds better than the less expensive stuff.

When I modify something I start with the power supply and filter the AC first, then improve the capacitors and resistors.  Plus point-to-point wiring.  When you find something like that, you will hear the differences within 30 seconds.

Im glad that you asked this question I just purchased a mcintosh mct 450 and was so excited to hear such an improvement in sound with this sacd transport.My system is nothing too fancy but I believe it to be very decent .after hours of listening I was satisfied but not blown away.If I could afford something more I believe I would have spent up to 15k just chasing down that perfect sound .Each person is different, Ive become satisfied with my purchases as I feel its the best possible audio for my small budget .Thanks to all who post .
huge improvement in my system too, though, yes, there are some expensive units I do not like and some less expensive ones I like very much...though unfortunately all the ones I like best are more expensive...
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